Ultra Cavitation: For the places that diet and exercise couldn’t reach!

You’ve dieted. You’ve exercised. You’ve sat on the couch and thought about doing both of those things. Whatever situation you may be in, you are thinking of a certain area(s) on your body RIGHT NOW that you wish was tighter, firmer, and/or not as filled with cellulite. I get it. We’ve all been there.

What’s the solution? Many of you have tried steam rooms to lose a few centimeters, but once you drink a bottle of water it’s back to square one. Perhaps you are considering liposuction. Yet, when you weigh your options of needle vs. something else less painful, the “something else less painful” always wins. Well, for people like us, there is thankfully another option! Ultrasonic Cavitation.

Ultra Cavitation, to sum it up, is the process of using Tri Polar Radio Frequency to heat target areas of the body in order to rapture fat cell membrane, which in turn eliminates fat content. A hand held ultra cavitation device is rubbed over the skin’s surface causing the fat cells in the desired area to heat up and transform into a water soluble liquid. Ultra cavitation is the latest and most effective cellulite reduction and local fat loss technology to significantly burn fat and reduce cellulite available. Ultra cavitation treatment is not a miracle cure, but if you suffer from cellulite or if you want a non-surgical solution to re-sculpt your body and reduce local fat deposits, it is one of the best treatments you can possibly use.

Generally, you can expect to lose up to 3cm per treatment. However, results will depend on the number of treatments (which is usually 10), how cleansed your body is prior to the treatment, and your lifestyle before and after the treatment. We strongly advise drinking plenty of fluids and doing something active such as brisk walking to ensure the results “lock in” so to speak. In addition, participants may want to look into getting a pneumatic massage that will aid in excess fluid elimination and blood circulation improvement.

It is suggested that people with a slow lymphatic system (the one in charge of drainage and keeping body fluid levels in balance) detox and cleanse their body before starting treatment. A great detox system you may wish to try is Zrii Purify, which is available at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa.

Ultra Cavitation is an easy and safe method of eliminating the flab that you constantly jiggle when you look in the mirror. No incisions. No recovery. Immediate results. It helps you lose inches, improve blood circulation, and even tightens the skin, which is exactly what we want!

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Seaweed: Not only for internal use!

Seaweed has moved on to bigger and better things than sushi (I know, it’s hard to believe there are better things than sushi). It is now used for Seaweed Body Wraps!

What is a Seaweed Body Wrap?

In most cases, this treatment features the use of seaweed, clay, herbs, and other natural ingredients. The detoxifying properties of sea algae are used in combination with the exfoliating benefits of Brewers’ yeast and spirulina. Together, they work to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. The ingredients used are blended into a fine paste and applied to the entire body to improve overall skin and tone the body. Then, thermo-therapy is used to open up the pores, which brings on perspiration and allows the body to absorb the necessary active elements. It is then recommended to take a refreshing shower and massage mousturizer into your new purified body. Not only that, but it also has the ability to aid in weight loss, decrease cellulite, and provide detoxification on the cell level.


  • Restores sun-damaged skin
  • Soft hydrated skin
  • Increases circulation stimulation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks
  • Helps rid the body of excess water weight

Now let me tell you that seaweed body wrap treatments are not to be used a weight loss option. It can certainly serve as an addition. In fact, it should. If you are or plan to be on a weight loss program, you will notice your skin begins to sag once some pounds are dropped. That’s never good news. Seaweed wraps can help restore elasticity to your new and improved body and make you look fabulous.

Also, this wrap is not for everyone. If you are pregnant, menopausal, or have the following conditions (thyroid issues, vericose veins, heart problems) this treatment should only be used after consulting with a specialist.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a way to relax and take advantage of the above benefits, try it out ladies! You certainly have nothing to lose…other than a few inches of unnecssary water weight off your waist.

BANYA 101: Health Benefits of a Sauna



This Russian tradition of steaming in a “wooden house” dates back to medieval times. Going to a banya was almost considered necessary because people believed that steaming the body would purge any toxins and cure illnesses. The bathhouse also served as a place for delivering babies and for pre-marriage rituals. It was believed that the bride had to endure forty days of bathing rituals in order to be purified for giving birth and to avoid a lot of bleeding. When it came to the bride’s wedding, she was washed by her maids in the banya on the eve of the wedding, which ensured her purity. People of all classes participated in such rituals–the peasants, provincial nobility, as well as the court. Although in the past three hundred years these rituals slowly died out, the banya still remains a popular place, mainly due to its numerous health benefits.


It is well known that over 75% of our bodies are made of water. Ever heard that sweating is good for you? Well it’s no joke. “Health through water” is one of the most famous health concepts out there due to the many health benefits of it. Some of the health benefits of using a sauna include:

  • Detoxification–living in NY, we are exposed to a variety of chemicals and pollutants that attack our bodies daily. Spending time in the banya will increase your body’s blood circulation, which will help to detoxify hard areas such as bone, sinuses, and teeth. In addition, the steam will help open your pores, thus, helping to clear your skin of toxins as well.
  • Weight Loss–have you ever seen saunas in a fitness club? They are there for an important reason. A session in the sauna helps burn up to 250 calories (could be more, depending on how much time is spent steaming), which is similar to a mild workout. That’s 250 extra calories that you can spend on a tiny piece of double chocolate cake. Mmmm.
  • Relaxation–can’t forget about this one! With all the stress in your life, it would definitely be a good idea to give yourself a break. All the aches and pains you suffer from are simply balls of stress stuck inside of you with no way to get out. When you are in a banya, your entire body is relaxed. The high humidity in combination with the heat will ease your muscles, making you feel like putty–but in a good way.
  • Improved Immune System–the winter time is not only a great time of holiday cheer, it is also a time for colds and flus. One great way to avoid that is to spend some time in a banya. The steam and heat work together to create what feels like a simulated fever to your body. Thus, your immune system will shift gears and illnesses will occur less frequently if at all.

So join this old Russian tradition and see for yourself how your body transforms!

The Zrii Life: Total Cleanse and Weight Loss System


Summer is the most fun and at the same time most exhausting season. From beaches, to cook outs, to get togethers (ahem..parties), you may be feeling burned out. And from all the terrible food & drink (*cough* martinis *cough*) choices you may have made using the excuse, “It’s summer. I’ll burn it off.” you may be feeling like your body needs a little help. I know all the above apply to me at least. If you want to get rid of the evidence of all the things you did to your body this summer, as well as improve your overall look, thought process, and digestion, then this may be something for you 🙂

Zrii Purify is a cleanse/weight loss system that has been revolutionizing the world of body detox. Unlike other cleansing systems that use harmful artificial chemicals and diuretics, PURIFY uses all natural herbs of Ayurveda, which are meant to cleanse the cells of any built up toxins.

It is known that our bodies are equipped with elimination and filtration systems that are meant to pull the toxins away from what we ingest and only leave the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Back in the day, this way of cleansing would have been more efficient that anything else.

Unfortunately, our world today is filled with various chemicals, pollutants, and unnecessary food additives that put our bodies in overload. To make it worse, our way of life is not the healthiest either. The constant stress, lack of physical excercise, and unbalanced meals pollutes our bodies with toxins that build up faster than we notice or even know what to do with. If you actually took a test to see the level of toxicity in your body, then you may be left speechless.

Cleansing your system and organs of the toxins is equally important to your body as cleansing your cells. To achieve successful and permanent cleansing results, Zrii PURIFY has developed an entire line of products that will equip you with the right tools to win in the battle against harmful toxins. Following this program will help you get a jump-start on a new  healthy lifestyle and will aid you in making better choices for yourself. Before you know, you will have an improved well-being that will last a long time.


  • Get a kick-start on your weight-loss
  • More energy
  • Cleared thoughts and quicker speed
  • More glowing complexion
  • Tongue and eyes become more clear
  • Increased sense of well-being and joy
  • Dependece on habit-forming foods/substances will be reduced
  • Functioning of cells improves
  • Improved digestion
  • Controls portion sizes by communicating more efficiently to your brain when you are full