From Pad See Ew to Thai Massage

After having some magically delicious Thai food yesterday, I had the idea to write about another amazing thing this culture has inspired–Thai Massages. Generally, when you think of massages you picture being oiled up and having the masseuse run his or her hands all over your body for maximum relaxation purposes. Not with this massage!

Dating back 2,500 years to India, the Buddha himself was given such massages by his physician. That alone lets you know it must be good.

What is it like?

Expect to lay out on a mat on the floor (fully dressed in comfy clothes). A Thai Massage can be most closely described as “yoga without the work”. The therapist uses his or her hands, feet, knees, and legs to perform various yoga-like stretches on your body as you are laying down. Other forms of relaxation used during this massage include joint mobilization, acupressure, and muscle compression. Thai massages are definitely more energizing and rigorous than your classic forms of massage and lasts anywhere from 60 minutes to two hours.

Keep in mind that this massage is not for certain people and that there are some precautions.

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