Seaweed: Not only for internal use!

Seaweed has moved on to bigger and better things than sushi (I know, it’s hard to believe there are better things than sushi). It is now used for Seaweed Body Wraps!

What is a Seaweed Body Wrap?

In most cases, this treatment features the use of seaweed, clay, herbs, and other natural ingredients. The detoxifying properties of sea algae are used in combination with the exfoliating benefits of Brewers’ yeast and spirulina. Together, they work to provide metabolic stimulation of the skin. The ingredients used are blended into a fine paste and applied to the entire body to improve overall skin and tone the body. Then, thermo-therapy is used to open up the pores, which brings on perspiration and allows the body to absorb the necessary active elements. It is then recommended to take a refreshing shower and massage mousturizer into your new purified body. Not only that, but it also has the ability to aid in weight loss, decrease cellulite, and provide detoxification on the cell level.


  • Restores sun-damaged skin
  • Soft hydrated skin
  • Increases circulation stimulation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Improves appearance of stretch marks
  • Helps rid the body of excess water weight

Now let me tell you that seaweed body wrap treatments are not to be used a weight loss option. It can certainly serve as an addition. In fact, it should. If you are or plan to be on a weight loss program, you will notice your skin begins to sag once some pounds are dropped. That’s never good news. Seaweed wraps can help restore elasticity to your new and improved body and make you look fabulous.

Also, this wrap is not for everyone. If you are pregnant, menopausal, or have the following conditions (thyroid issues, vericose veins, heart problems) this treatment should only be used after consulting with a specialist.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a way to relax and take advantage of the above benefits, try it out ladies! You certainly have nothing to lose…other than a few inches of unnecssary water weight off your waist.