Stubborn Stubble: Pros and Cons to Laser Hair Removal

“I just shaved my legs yesterday…did it grow out overnight?!”

I don’t know about you but I’ve been bothered by this question often. You just shaved and the next day, BAM!! Five o’clock shadow and you’re not even man. What gives? Although everyone is different, shaved hair of any kind tends to go grow back quickly. It’s like that game of “Whack-a-Mole”…they just keep coming back! If you are tired of shaving/waxing/bleaching so often, then maybe you can look into laser hair removal. This procedure is safe and can be used on virtually any area of hair growth, such as face, abdomen, underarms, bikini, back, legs, etc. Before you put yourself under a laser, however, it is good to know the Pro’s & Con’s.


  • 98-99% Permanent Results–gets rid of all hair (with a possible exception if a couple strays that can be plucked/shaved).
  • More efficient than waxing–if you calculate how many times in your life you will get any body part waxed and multiply it by the price of the procedure, then there is a huge chance that removing it with a laser will be more cost efficient.


  • Cost–laser hair removal can appear costly to some people. However, many find that never having to deal with unwanted hair again, outweight the cost. Besides, thin of how much you are currently spending on shaving cream, razors, waxing, threading, etc.
  • Number of treatments–although the number of treatments required depends on the area of the body as well as the person, on average, you can expect about 5-6 treatments.
  • Mild Pain–some people are more pain tolerant than others. Most patients, however, find this procedure to be less painful than other hair removal procedures.