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Keratin Hair Treatment for Curly Frizzy Hair

One of life’s paradoxes: Women with gorgeous curly or wavy hair are envious of women with silky straight hair and vice versa. What gives? I have naturally straight hair with a hint of wavy and I’ve always admired women with curly locks. They’re so bouncy and flirty, how can you not like them? Yet, I constantly have girls telling me how much they love my smooth flowy hair. Don’t get me wrong, I do too! However, a little curl wouldn’t hurt 😉

So for those ladies who are tired of their curly hair and the frizz that goes along with it, there’s a special treatment…and it’s called KERATIN.

What is Keratin Straightening?

Keratin is a protein that is found in our hair follicles. It helps fill in the gaps of dry or cracked hair. Now if you mix it with a chemical called formaldehyde and run a hot flat iron through it, then your hair will become straight and will actually stay that way. For how long? Usually it lasts up to three months. Although it depends on how quickly your hair grows out. Because the hair that does grow out will of course look like your natural hair since it wasn’t keratin straightened. The good news is that you can go for maintenance or use a hair product if your hair is easily manageable. In terms of price, in most places, the average cost of having your hair straightened is $300. At Euphora Salon & Medi Spa, the price starts at $150 and goes up depending on the length of your hair. So you don’t have to worry about dishing out the big bucks…unless of course your hair is like Rapunzel’s. Can you color your hair after the treatment? Yes. However, we recommend doing so before you get the treatment. This is because the keratin straightening will help seal in the color.

How to maintain your new ‘do.

For some this may come as good news, and for others not so much. Ready? You can’t wash your hair for 3 days after receiving the treatment. This may mean calling out of work for some of you. The reason is that the solution takes some time to really start working. Also, if you’ve ever seen sulfate-free shampoos in a local drug store, then go back and invest in it. They cost about the same as any other shampoo. The only difference is that sulfate-free shampoos will protect your hair and will not strip the treatment off your new gorgeous hair. We recommend using Chroma Sensitive by Kerastase (can be purchased at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa). It is often used with color treated hair since it’s sulfate-free!

Before you go for a Keratin Hair Straightening, make sure you look into the formaldehyde factor. If you have a certain scalp condition, then this treatment may not be for you. Just do your research so that you come prepared. Knowledge is power 😉

Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!

Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!.

You’re living in the wrong time zones.

Lately, I’ve been finding myself smiling like an idiot (to myself) while remembering things that have happened in the past. Memories. Jokes. Ideas. Pain. Yes, pain. I now laugh at the bad times in life. The times I was upset and cried. Of course in the moment of my hysterics I did not find it funny at all and it felt like everything was going to shits. I mean, come on, when you cry it HAS to be dramatic 😉 But now…now it’s funny. And that’s the best feeling ever. It means you’ve grown and are able to look back on it and say, “Two tears in a bucket…motherfuck it!” Or maybe that’s just what I say…

What I’m trying to say is–life is full of ups, downs, laughs, tears, love, heartbreak, disappointments, accomplishments, and a lot of other great things. They’re all great. They make us learn, they make us think. The problem arises when you let what has happened to you affect you and your future decisions negatively. I’m a strong believer in living in the moment. That does not mean I will snort a line of coke if it’s presented to me. It means that you focus on the five senses you posses (or six, if you’re special) and go with it. Right now, you are reading this article. What’s around you? What do you smell? What does your body feel? What do you taste in your mouth? What sounds do you hear? Answer those questions to yourself and stay in the moment, because nothing outside of that exists. Forget anything negative that happened to you today, or yesterday, or when you were 5. It ALREADY happened. It does not exist RIGHT NOW. Stop thinking of the future. It has not happened YET because it’s only an expectation. Of course this doesn’t mean you should forget that you owe $20,000 on your school loans because the bill is not due for a week. I wish. Please, don’t put your life completely on hold. We all have responsibilities that shouldn’t be forgotten about. But just stay mindful of them. That’s all. The rest…the rest is YOU. You make your day and you make your life.

For me, I can’t help but smile when I see the sun. When I see the trees, clouds, children, animals, water (not bottled). They are all so pure and simple. Nature is still and it is present. Right now and always. Unless of course you’re a strong believer in December 21, 2012. Children…they have the attention span of a goldfish. It’s fantastic! They don’t know the meaning of past and future (with the exception of remembering that you promised them ice cream if they behaved). Animals…they live off of their instincts, which only arise in the moment. Sleep, eat, play, hunt, protect, and repeat. Don’t even get me started with birds. How cool is their life? They fly above all of us. They go wherever they want to. And when it gets cold they go somewhere warm for vacation! Smart creatures. They just really need to pay more attention to their surroundings. Pigeons, I’m talking about you. Your death rate is high my friends.

So I challenge you. Just try it for one day. Stay in the moment. When your mind wanders off to the past or the future, slap yourself…mentally! Just enjoy what you have. And smile to yourself. Remember, even the fact that you’re reading this right now is great in itself. Someone out there would give a lot to be able to see.

The past is an experience. The present is an experiment. And the future is an expectation.

Makeup and Hair done by Euphora Hair Salon

This is a shot of the hair and makeup that was done for an event at our venue: Euphora Salon & Medi Spa in Astoria, NYC.

We are also experts in wedding hairstyles and bridal makeup application. In fact, we have packages made especially for brides to pamper themselves before the big day!

L’Oreal INOA: For Women Who Refuse to Settle for Less


How many times have you purchased haircolor from the dollar store? I sincerely hope your answer was “zero”. The gentle keratin follicles that our hair is made up of need special treatment to look healthy, vibrant, and full of luster. The harsh chemicals in regular hair dyes (that contain ammonia) can do some serious damange to your locks, including drying it out, split ends, and dullness. Your hair needs a gentle solution and it’s called INOA by L’Oreal.

Thanks to the quick developing technology, L’Oreal came out with a new product called INOA, which substitutes Ammonia with low levels of MEA (monoethanolamine: a clear viscous, liquid organic compound) and delivers the professional results of permanenet haircolor that you wish for. This product was specially developed for those who want to keep their hair healthy, hydrated, and full of the nutrients that hair requires. In addition, it covers those stubborn greys and doesn’t even smell! The secret ingredient? Oil. It adds up to 50% more natural shine and makes your hair look youthful.

Stop in at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa in Astoria, NY to check it out for yourself!

Shenanigans of Fashion’s Night Out NYC

Euphora Salon & Medi Spa went exploring around NYC for Fashion Week. And boy was it one heck of a fun-filled night. Lets start from the beginning….after doing numerous loop-arounds to find parking, myself and the photographer were finally a few blocks away from the party. Yes, it really was a party. There was a DJ in practically every store and champagne was being poured for the customers. Needless to say, I’m sure a lot of those stores got business due to bad drunken decisions on the shoppers’ part. Great marketing strategy. Really.

So you know how in NYC it takes a while to walk a block simply because you have the slower folks acting like NY is made for late summer promenades? Well, Fashion’s Night Out was 9 and a half times worse. It felt like being lined up for a fire drill in high school, where are the kids are so unmotivated to walk anywhere that it takes 10 minutes for everyone to get out of the building and then the teacher yells at them saying, “Had this been a real emergency, you would be dead by now!” Yea, it was like that. It felt like NYC traffic jams, except with human beings…drunk human beings.

Anyhoo…each store we walked into had some sort of event, giveaway, contest, celebrity, fashion show, etc. One particular store had 2 lovely drag queens. I guess it does take balls to be a drag queen. But these ladies, I mean men…or do I?, did their runway strut like they were on America’s Next Top Model.

Next, we decided to shower shoppers with 20% off coupons for Euphora Salon & Medi Spa. The girls were super excited and we, naturally, were there to capture their happiness. Here’s some of it:

One of these girls in particular (I won’t give away which) wound up crying once I asked them if any of them are getting married soon. Her engagement had recently broken off. Damn, talk about bad timing. I, however, took matters in my own hands and promised her that a break-up only means that you’re creating more space in your life for a new man. New man=possible husband=engagement=bridal shower=bachelorette party=strippers. You get the equation. Obviously, upon hearing the words exclusive bachelorette party and male stripper in one sentence her tears were gone with the wind (as you see she is sporting a happy face in the picture above).

Alright, that’s enough happy pictures for now.

Basically, our goal for Fashion’s Night Out was to let the lovely ladies of NY/NJ know that we hold exclusive private parties in our venue that can fit up to 250 people. I must say, it went well. I think what really got them is that they can bring the strippers though. I mean yea, they were psyched about the pool, jacuzzi, and bar that we have but the mental image of a naked man dancing 2 inches away from their face just really blocked that all out. Oh well 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot. Besides the ridiculous amount of shenanigans during Fashion’s Night Out, there was one thing that really stood out from the rest (no, I’m not referencing the drag queens again). The Empire State Building was glowing a gorgeous color of red throughout the entire night. Feast your eyes my friends: