POLL: To Kiss or Not to Kiss?…on a first date.

Forget everything you have been taught about dating!

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From the book called ‘The Rules” to the movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”, our brains have been filling up with lots of facts about the dating world and how to survive in it. Some rules made sense, and others simply went against our natural instincts. If you think back to how people used to live when technology was not as advanced, it seems that love was much simpler. They had no rules. They didn’t have a dating bible. They simply went off of their feelings and natural instincts (or urges, if you please). People appeared to be genuinely happier and had healthier relationships that weren’t sabotaged by unnecessary media input. Since cell phones did not exist, I am almost positive that the guy didn’t wait 72 hours to come knock on a girl’s door that he had been out with 3 days prior. So what makes it ok today? This article helps to break the dating chains we have been wearing for so long and gives us a more realistic perspective of blossoming relationships. There is certainly something to learn from it.