Keratin Hair Treatment for Curly Frizzy Hair

One of life’s paradoxes: Women with gorgeous curly or wavy hair are envious of women with silky straight hair and vice versa. What gives? I have naturally straight hair with a hint of wavy and I’ve always admired women with curly locks. They’re so bouncy and flirty, how can you not like them? Yet, I constantly have girls telling me how much they love my smooth flowy hair. Don’t get me wrong, I do too! However, a little curl wouldn’t hurt 😉

So for those ladies who are tired of their curly hair and the frizz that goes along with it, there’s a special treatment…and it’s called KERATIN.

What is Keratin Straightening?

Keratin is a protein that is found in our hair follicles. It helps fill in the gaps of dry or cracked hair. Now if you mix it with a chemical called formaldehyde and run a hot flat iron through it, then your hair will become straight and will actually stay that way. For how long? Usually it lasts up to three months. Although it depends on how quickly your hair grows out. Because the hair that does grow out will of course look like your natural hair since it wasn’t keratin straightened. The good news is that you can go for maintenance or use a hair product if your hair is easily manageable. In terms of price, in most places, the average cost of having your hair straightened is $300. At Euphora Salon & Medi Spa, the price starts at $150 and goes up depending on the length of your hair. So you don’t have to worry about dishing out the big bucks…unless of course your hair is like Rapunzel’s. Can you color your hair after the treatment? Yes. However, we recommend doing so before you get the treatment. This is because the keratin straightening will help seal in the color.

How to maintain your new ‘do.

For some this may come as good news, and for others not so much. Ready? You can’t wash your hair for 3 days after receiving the treatment. This may mean calling out of work for some of you. The reason is that the solution takes some time to really start working. Also, if you’ve ever seen sulfate-free shampoos in a local drug store, then go back and invest in it. They cost about the same as any other shampoo. The only difference is that sulfate-free shampoos will protect your hair and will not strip the treatment off your new gorgeous hair. We recommend using Chroma Sensitive by Kerastase (can be purchased at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa). It is often used with color treated hair since it’s sulfate-free!

Before you go for a Keratin Hair Straightening, make sure you look into the formaldehyde factor. If you have a certain scalp condition, then this treatment may not be for you. Just do your research so that you come prepared. Knowledge is power 😉

Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!

Discovering Kérastase for long & damaged hair!.

Why cavemen had great skin: Mother Nature at its Best (Losanika)

I know you weren’t there to see it, but image a cave person. Have you ever seen them with acne? The only skin problem they had was excessive hair growth. Too bad laser hair removal did not exist back then. Why do you think their skin was in good condition? Because all they had available to them were products of mother nature. They only had organic plants and herbs.

Losanika Natural Biocosmetics is based on the same concept. This company, based out of Colombia, South America (where the some of the best coffee comes from), has been around for over 9 years creating organic skin care products. Losanika features Coffee Fluid Scrubs, Mousturizing Biogels, Milk Cleansers/Mousturizers, Coffee Peels, Yogurt Masks, Fruit Acid Peels, Depigmentation Creams, Skin Conditioning Aromatherapy Gels, Nourishing & Firming Creams, as well as Body Washes & Shampoos, etc..


Depending on what product you use, there are achievable results for everyone. Including:

  • Cleansing
  • Mousturizing
  • Impurity elimination
  • Pore opening
  • Providing of nutrients
  • Effectiveness against free radicals
  • Protection from environmental damage
  • Make up removal
  • Natural antibiotic
  • Antioxidants/vitamins
  • Elimination of dryness
  • Toxin removal
  • Reduced of oil production
  • Reduced signs of aging

Before humans intervened into the natural process that mother nature had going, people were taking advantage of natural resources and were achieving great results. If you are against using chemicals for your skin, then organic products are the right choice for you.

Euphora Salon & Medi Spa in Astoria, NY is a proud carrier of Losanika products.

When your hair starts to misbehave…

…put it on time-out in the corner. Kidding.

As the summer winds down, you may notice a change in something. No, not that the days are getting shorter. Your hair may have become dry and lifeless and your probably didn’t even notice how quickly it happened. From the ocean salt water, chlorine in the pool, to the harsh UV rays of the sun, your hair is certainly not in the best condition it could be in. Lets just say that if you spent most of the summer putting your hair up because it just didn’t look right, then your hair may be in desperate need of professional treatment. Well here’s a suggestion:

Try the Aqua-Oleum hair treatment by Kerastase. It will nourish and provide nutrients to your dry brittle hair. The jojoba and avocado oil will infuse your hair with shine, leaving it silky smooth and unbelievably soft. This treatment provides instant and lasting results (up to 5 shampoos) that will be seen from root to tip. So instead of giving your hair the silent treatment, give it the Aqua-Oleum treatment. 

Aqua-Oleum and other Kerastase hair products are available at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa in Astoria, New York.

L’Oreal INOA: For Women Who Refuse to Settle for Less


How many times have you purchased haircolor from the dollar store? I sincerely hope your answer was “zero”. The gentle keratin follicles that our hair is made up of need special treatment to look healthy, vibrant, and full of luster. The harsh chemicals in regular hair dyes (that contain ammonia) can do some serious damange to your locks, including drying it out, split ends, and dullness. Your hair needs a gentle solution and it’s called INOA by L’Oreal.

Thanks to the quick developing technology, L’Oreal came out with a new product called INOA, which substitutes Ammonia with low levels of MEA (monoethanolamine: a clear viscous, liquid organic compound) and delivers the professional results of permanenet haircolor that you wish for. This product was specially developed for those who want to keep their hair healthy, hydrated, and full of the nutrients that hair requires. In addition, it covers those stubborn greys and doesn’t even smell! The secret ingredient? Oil. It adds up to 50% more natural shine and makes your hair look youthful.

Stop in at Euphora Salon & Medi Spa in Astoria, NY to check it out for yourself!

Hollywood/Bollywood Celebrities Using Kerastase


Kerastase Paris has been taking the art of haircare to new heights since 1964. Today, there is a wide variety of at-home haircare programs available for women with various hair needs. Anywhere from hydrating to volumizing, Kerastase is a great Rx for your hair.  Kerastase In-Salon Rituals are becoming quite famous in professional NY hair salons for women who want to experience a unique moment of well being and total relaxation. As an addition, the hair stylist will recommend a take-home program to keep up with the gorgeous salon results. Transform your hair with your choice of Kerastase products.

Kristin Cavallari

Aishwarya Rai–Former Miss World

Jennifer Aniston

Katrina Kaif

Kareena Kapoor

Hillary Duff

Minissha Lamba

Sonam Kapoor

Shilpa Shetty

Fusion Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions by Euphora Salon NYC

Pre-bonded hair extensions are pieces of hair with a small amount of bonding glue that is applied to the base of the extensions. These are sometimes called pre-glued hair extensions or pre-tipped hair extensions. Most of our pre-bonded human hair extensions use a keratin glue which is designed for maximum holding power.